Thursday, 27 December 2012

Reasons of unfavorable behavior of Mac

I had been experiencing unfavourable behaviour of my Mac since last month. After installing several software updates on my Mac Lion, it began to reboot itself roughly 6 or 7 times at a time. I was doing my work a number of times and it restarted by itself without saving my work. It was highly frustrating for me. After some research, I was suggested by one of my friends to monitor hard drive health with Disk utility. 

How to check Mac hard drive health with Disk Utility?:-

Checking hard drive health is the part of periodic maintenance routine. Sometimes , small errors in hard drive can bring your Mac completely down. Launch Disk Utility from /Applications/Utilities folder.
1. Select the Mac hard drive from the left side menu and click on the “First Aid” tab
2. Click on “Verify Disk” in the lower right corner.

You will find the window populating with messages about the drives health, messages that indicate things are fine, appear in black, messages that indicate something is wrong, appears in red. If “the partition map appears to be OK”, it will indicate no errors:-

Verifying partition map for “APPLE Media”
Checking prerequisites
Checking the partition list
Checking for an EFI system partition
Checking the EFI system partition’s size
Checking the EFI system partition’s file system
Checking all HFS data partition loader spaces
Checking Core Storage Physical Volume partitions
The partition map appears to be OK

If you see a red message saying something along the lines of “Error: This disk needs to be repaired” and it’s your boot drive, you’ll find the “Repair Disk” button is inaccessible. After repairing, Disk run successfully, you are free to boot OS X as normal and the drives issues should be resolved. In case of any critical issues, it will be prompted here.

An unusual behaviour of your Mac can be caused due to other reasons. Sometimes, there accumulate are a lot of useless data like caches, system junks, universal binaries, duplicate files, language files stored in Mac and it results a sluggish Mac behaviour. I read on some good Mac forums that Stellar Drive ToolBox is a complete Mac optimization software, which works in a fantastic fashion. It's surface scan utility helps to Mac Drive Scan and keep Mac drive healthy. Speed Up Mac utility removes all system junks etc.. Partition manager & volume repair for adding , deleting, resizing Mac partition and repairing volumes. Every Mac users should keep an eye on Mac maintenance works.

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