Thursday, 27 December 2012

Are the deleted files really get deleted?

When you delete a file in Mac OS X (empty the Trash) the operating system does not actually erase the data, it is actually marked as free space to be written over with new data. This is pretty common file handling across most operating systems. Each storage device that you plug into a Mac OS X, it uses the trash of that Mac and deleted files are transferred to the trash.

Trash is an icon of Mac OS X which keeps aggregation of all the deleted files. It is important to understand that no files are deleted permanently until you empty the Trash. This is good because the files you send to the Trash will remain in the portable device around until the Trash is emptied.

When you delete files, the data remains on the physical drive which can be recovered using any data recovery software. Mac OS X marks those memory spaces as free space for reuse. If you want to delete data permanently , use Mac data eraser of Stellar Drive ToolBox. It helps Mac users to remove data beyond the recovery. You can even wipe any particular drive or volume as per your requirements. There are two options inside this tool – Drive wipe or File Wipe. You can wipe any single file with File Wipe option.

OS X is truly an advanced operating system, and because of this some of the things may work a little differently. It is not only a smart way to deal with deleted files, but also a safe way that is sure to eventually save you from a headache. This article will help Mac users to manage and understand your storage space when deleting files.

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