Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Defrag your Mac- Is it good?

Is your Mac operating system taking a long duration for completing a task?

Mac OS defrag is one of the incredible process that simply enhance the Mac performance and it increases the storage space by managing the fragmented files at the contiguous memory locations. When you continuously keep on moving or deleting files on the hard disk, many types of new files get stored in the hard disk and hence the free memory space gets captured. Sometimes, it also happens that when you save any files of bigger size and no free space available in the hard drive, then it splits at different locations. It results slow Mac performance.

Some applications such as photography or video applications uses lots of disk space, or "scratch disk," for temporary storage of data during memory-intensive operations. If the scratch disk is fragmented, the result will be a slowdown in the application itself. most operating systems use virtual memory also known as "swap," "disk caching" or "paging"to store files. If the virtual memory space is fragmented, the operating system itself can slow down.

The easiest way to prevent fragmentation is to defragment the disk. It keeps all the scattered files at a single location. In this case, you can easily access the files. You can perform defragmentation process with the help of comprehensive and powerful tool named Mac drive defrag software- Stellar Drive Defrag. It is one of the best professional software that efficiently Mac hard drive and volumes, including the boot volume of your machine. This tool has great capability to organize free space of your Mac hard drive.

You can defrag either selected volumes or whole Mac. You can defrag your boot volume by making bootable DVD. This Mac software defrags Metadata files, large fragmented files and helps in optimizing free space in the volume. 

If you do a defrag daily, yeah, you are going to send your Hdd in trouble. It is nesessary but not frequently do. You should perform cleaning task on regular basis because lots of system junks, caches, language files, universal binaries stored in your Mac. It helps to improve your Mac performance as a rocket speed.

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