Thursday, 8 November 2012

How to Solve Mac disk issues with Disk utility

With the passage of time , your computer doesn’t start properly, you face sluggish behavior. Mac OS X includes two utilities for this —Disk Utility and fsck (a command-line utility). You can also use these even when your computer starts just fine but you want to check the disk health for possible file system issues.

In some cases, file system errors may prevent your computer from starting up. This can occur after an improper shut down, forced restart, or power interruption. If your computer shows any of the following symptoms on start up, use a disk repair utility.

If you're using Mac OS X 10.2 or later, you can start up your computer in Safe Mode, which includes an automatic disk check and repair. 

     Disk Utility:- Mac users are familiar with Disk Utility.  It’s used to format hard drives, create RAID arrays, mount volumes, burn disk images (.dmg files), and fix basic disk problems.  The Repair Disk function can be used on any non-startup drive and can fix simple volume or file system errors. Repair Permissions is the other kind of maintenance Disk Utility can do.   
        Open the Disk Utility 
        Click the First Aid Tab 
        Click the OS X Volume
        Click Repair. Disk Utility checks and repairs the disk

Tip: With Mac OS X v10.6 and earlier, you should always start up your computer from an Install or Restore disc when using Disk Utility to verify or repair your start up volume. Otherwise, you might see some disk error messages.

Solve Mac disk problem with Stellar Drive ToolBox:-

This tool is a complete pack of Mac optimization utilities. It helps to check drive health, repair them and fix the issues. It helps Mac users to optimize, repair, manage, protect and clean their hard drives. It has these utilities -  Speed up utility, Wipe, Drive Defrag, Volume Repair, Drive Clone, Partition Manager, Drive Initialize, Surface Scan, Drive Status, Drive Performance etc..
Data Encryptor is a bonus utility to keep your Mac data safe.

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  1. I have just put my mac in for repair. They told me repair will take up to 14 days, so I called on the 10th day to ask how the mac repairs was going. They said 7 more days. I really need my computer back, as I have a project to finish. Do they give a replacement, i have apple care.


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