Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Manage your Mac with top Mac cleaner

Sometime ago, I was frustrated with my Mac which was getting slower and slower, I decided, I must do something to change the situation. There was few hidden data and applications inside my Mac that was still hogging the disk space. I was suggested by one of my friend to some regular maintenance tips. I am going to describe here one by one. 
     1.  Keep Less Startup items:-  When you install some applications, they automatically configured at your startup setting such that these applications would be loaded up when you boot up your Mac. Leaving such applications can also draw some valuable resources away from your Mac such that it slows down the system.

Follow these steps - System Preferences > System > Users & Groups > Login Items, and uncheck the application(s) you want off from the startup.

2. Clearing your Desktop:- Your desktop plays a part in how long your Mac takes  to boot the system because it’s the first screen that it has to load up. As much as possible, try to keep it simple by minimizing the number of icons from the dock and clearing up extra files you can see.

       3. Cleaning Up The Hard Drive:-  With the passage of time your Mac hard Drive becomes slow  because of cache, duplicate files, logs, universal binaries, system junks. When you remove all these from your Mac automatically you will get rid of low Mac performance.

Stellar Speed Up Mac is a famous tool to clean your Mac . It removes all rubbish things and increase Mac performance. It acts as a complete performance booster by allowing you to delete duplicate files and uninstall applications that have multiple instances on your system.

4Update software on regular basis:-  Updating your Mac software time to time will help you to keep update Mac.

Another alternative is to get a faster hard drive or use a Solid State Drive (SSD), but they don’t come cheap.

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