Thursday, 29 November 2012

Backup of Complete Mac Drive – is it possible?

Backing up your Mac is like flossing teeth or mowing the lawn – something you know you should do but usually don’t. You can never forget when your Mac drive crashed first time and you lost your whole data. Specially those which were irreplaceable. The list may include photos. music videos etc.. From that situation, you would have realized the importance of back up. Keeping backup of entire Mac is an easy process and it brings you out of data loss situations. There are many ways of keeping backup in Mac.

You can keep your data in the form of clone or image. Cloning means exact copy or replica of data which is bootable, the disadvantage is that it's time consuming. Image means keeping data into compressed form which takes less memory space. The backup can be done incrementally, which means whatever you will make changes in your Mac data , it will automatically updated into the backup.

Time Machine is the default option for backup on every Mac running OS X. Plug in a Mac-formatted external drive, and OS X will ask you if you want to set it up to be used with Time Machine. After completing few steps you will be able to backup via Time Machine. It keeps incremental backup.Time Machine is very simple to use however, it is not robust, professional software.  Disk utility is an other Mac inbuilt application which helps you to keep backup of your Mac into an image form. But, it will not work as bootable backup.
You can keep backup of your whole Mac with Stellar Drive Clone. It helps you to keep safe and secure backup either in the form of image or clone. You can copy sector by sector clone either of entire Mac or any particular volume. You can create a bootable backup of your Mac which helps to boot your Mac.

Features of Stellar Drive clone:-

1. You can create an exact, identical replica of your Mac Disk to another Disk/Volume
2. It can make clone drives formatted with MBR (Master Boot Record) partition map scheme
3. Support for SSD and exFAT-drives is included in new version
4. It can keep clone your volume to another volume, folder, or a network drive

When you will run this software, you will get three options:-
Cloning:- You can create clone of startup disk, any particular volume .
Imaging:- It helps to keep your data into an image form.
Restore:- You can restore back your data from image or clone anytime.

Conclusion: Keeping entire backup of Mac is possible. You can use any of above described tool for your Mac and always be relaxed for the data loss.

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