Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Delete Universal binary files to speedUp your Mac

A universal binary is an executible binary file that runs natively on either PowerPC or Intel-manufactured IA-32 or Intel 64-based Macintosh computers. This term is used by Apple for "fat" applications which includes executable code for both PPC and Intel processors. Universal Binaries were announced by Apple CEO Steve Jobs at the WWDC 2005, when he announced that Apple would begin a transition from PowerPC to Intel processors. Since Universal Binaries contain twice the code of a single platform application, they can be up to twice the size. 
Advantages of universal binaries:-
If a user has installed a software which is capable to run at both Power PC and Intel platforms , he doesn't need to waste time to download that particular software for each Mac platform.

Disadvantages of universal binaries:-
Universal Binaries contain code twice for PPC and Intel of a single platform application. When you work with one application, it simply consumes the unnecessary hard drive space. I would like to suggest you to delete these files. Lots of universal binaries file in hard drive can slack up your Mac performance.

How to get rid of these files?
Experts recommended some good cleanup software which can make your Mac fast and delete unnecessary files including universal binaries. When these rubbish stuff gets deleted , you regain hard drive space.

SpeedUp Mac utility of Stellar Drive ToolBox helps to clean your Mac and optimize Mac OS X. It deletes all system junks, caches, universal binaries, duplicate files, language files etc from your Mac. You can see gained memory size after finishing cleaning process. You can clean either whole Mac or any selected volume at a time as per your convinence.

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