Friday, 19 October 2012

Easy steps to Encrypt Mac data

What is Encryption?
Encryption means converting data or information into unreadable form. People use this method to keep their data safe or prevent unauthorized access. Mac OS X has an inbuilt option known as Disk Utility, which allows Mac users to keep their data in image form.

Importance of Encryption:-
Day by day, people are becoming aware of the importance of data encryption, the technology used to protect data from prying eyes. Apple has provided a way by which you can encrypt your drive in Mac OS X. But, in this process you may face loss of data if you lose your password, as encrypted data cannot be recovered.

Encrypt your data using Disk Utility:-
Disk Utility is made very easy to use, You can easily create a secure disk image of your important data and keep it into external device or at any other location in your Mac. Go > Utilities > Disk Utility and select the destination of disk image from the list . Select New Image button and name disk image, set the Image Format to read/write. Finally select encryption type and click OK button.

Keep your Mac data secure
Encryption with Filevault:-
You can use FileVault to protect the files on your disk. Without login and password you can not read encrypted data with FileVault. Once you encrypt your Mac's drive with FileVault , anyone who doesn't have the password or recovery key will not be able to log in and access encrypted files.

When you create image of Mac disk , it takes less space (compressed form) while filevault encrypt Mac data into unreadable format without any changes in size of data.

Mac Data Encryption by using Stellar Drive ToolBox:-
Data Encryption utility of Stellar Drive ToolBox helps Mac user to keep their precious data into unreadable format and prevent from data hacking. It provides option to hide encrypted file. It encrypts to such a level, no decryption utility can encrypt it.

Above described way of Mac data encryption helps Mac users to keep their data protected.

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