Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Be a doctor to cure your Mac

With the passage of time, your Mac starts performing slower and slower. It becomes a hard nut to crack to open and work with Mac applications. Sometimes, you do not notice such sluggish behavior because it happens gradually. Don't bother about it, you can get rid of this situation easily. There might be lots of reasons for slow Mac performance Following are some tips which can definitely help you to get rid of slow Mac.

Reasons of sluggish behavior with solutions:-

Not Enough RAM:- When you open any application and it takes much time to process further , it means there might be less amount of RAM. In such condition you should increase amount of RAM.

Tips to speed up Mac
Disable windows & App Store:- Window Restore feature in Mac helps you to restore applications which had been run at last login. But, the bad effect of this process is, it consumes unnecessary memory and makes your Mac slow.

Upgrade the hard disk to SSD:- Upgrading HDD to SSD will definitely help to enhance Mac performance. It helps to minimize boot time and boost the speed of your system.

System junks, caches etc.:- With the passage of time , duplicate files, caches, system junks, language files, system binaries are automatically save in your system which remains out of your knowledge. When you delete all of these rubbish things, you get huge amount of memory space.
A lot of memory is consumed by these unnecessary files. You can remove all these files either by manual process or with the help of third party tool.

Stellar SpeedUp Mac is one of the known Mac cleaning tool, which helps to remove all garbage from your Mac in a single click.

Features of SpeedUp Mac:-

1. It helps to remove unwanted Caches, files, Logs, System junks, etc..
2. It has Quick Look' button to preview image, audio, and video files.
3. It has Scheduler to automatically run Mac cleanup tasks at a later time.
4. It cleans up boot volume as well as secondary Mac volumes.

Options inside SpeedUp Mac:-

SpeedUp Now – This feature allows you to remove all unwanted caches, system junks, duplicate files etc. from your Mac's boot volume.
Clean my Mac:- You can clean selected portion of your Mac.
Uninstaller:- You can uninstall unused applications, unnecessary widgets, and plugins from your Mac.

So, be a doctor for your Mac and keep it fit with tips mentioned above.

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