Friday, 12 October 2012

Backup Mac Files | Clone Mac Drive

The simplest way to stave off data loss situation from Mac is to keep backup regularly. Although you can consider your Macintosh is a smart OS based on advanced technology and program.

But, you shouldn't be totally dependent upon your Mac for data safety because catastrophic situations like hard disk crash, fire, virus etc;, can occur any time. and you might lose data. To overcome this situation , you must have backup of your important data. 
Back up Mac data

How do I backup my data:-

You can keep complete backup of Mac files via CD if you have lots of photos, pdf document etc. but if you are editing daily in your files and want to keep backup of such type of data then Time Machine is the best option. It is an inbuilt utility of Mac and keeps incremental backup. An external device attached to network is used to keep backup data and you can retrieve from it anytime.

There is no point in creating a backup if the files are not safe from harm or theft. Also remember that you should always have virus protection program running on your Mac for added protection.

There are limitations of Time Machine:-
1. It is not a bootable backup.
2. If data in TM gets deleted accidentally deleted from your Mac then it cant be recovered.
3. It fails to compress backup data like image form.
5. It fails to encrypt Mac backup data, anyone can read all your data by physical access of Time Capsule.
6. It does not have facility to exclude any file from backup process.
7. It is not compatible with File Vault.

You can pull off the above limitations with backup by using Third Party tool. Stellar Drive Clone has great reputation among Mac backup software. It helps you to create either clone of data which is bootable or keep it in the form of image (compressed form). Highly reliable mechanisms has been used by this tool to ensure that your data remains secure and protected. Even you can schedule backup process as per your convince.

Features of Stellar Drive Clone:-
1. It helps to create an exact, identical replica of your Mac Disk to another Disk/Volume.
2. This tool has the ability to support SSD and exFAT drives.
3. Clones your volume to another volume, folder, or a network drive.
4. It supports Mountain Lion.

When you are ready, use the tools mentioned above to backup Mac files and you won’t be sorry. You don’t want to be the person cursing out your computer because you lost everything you cared about.These are simple way through which you can avoid data loss situaltion and keep your precious data secure and safe from unauthorized accessing.

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