Thursday, 18 October 2012

How to Resize Mac partition With Disk utility

All operating systems come with some means of creating partitions and formatting disks. Windows user has options as Disk Management that Microsoft provides. Mac OS X has default tool for volume management is Disk Management. Creation, deletion, resize, format of Mac drive can be possible via this free utility. We do partitions because it keeps your data in a order and helps to easily access these data in less time. Many users have queries about possibility of resizing Mac partition without any problem?

Disk Utility
When you keep storing your favorite music, video files in a particular partition and it gets full after some time. In such cases, if you don't want to store video and music to another volume in spite of the fact that it has lots of free space available. Putting music and video files into official data may become complicated for users. So, Resizing is the best way to add more space to specific volume.

You can easily resize any disk partition in Mac OS X using Disk Utility. Even you can expand and shrink HFS Mac OS partitions on the fly.

Steps to resize Mac partition:-

1.Open Disk Utility and select the hard drive with partitions you wish to resize

2.Select the "Partition" tab and then click the partition to resize, then drag.
3.Resize the partition as per your requirement, then click "Apply" for the changes to take place.

This is possible in Mac OS X Leopard and onwards. Here, I want to mention one thing that it is a good idea to keep back up before resizing any particular volume. There are some limitations of Disk Utility , you cannot hide/reveal partitions. If you don't mind to spend some bucks then Stellar Partition Manager is one of the best Partitioning tool with some advance features.

This software is meant to manage your Mac partitions and thus will optimize your hard drive performance. It helps you to create, format, delete, hide & reveal, shift or resize Mac partitions/volumes on your Mac hard drive. The software offers safety and privacy of user data by the options Hide & Reveal. The new version of this software some awesome features, you can resize boot volume by using bootable DVD. In this way Mac user can easily
resize Mac partition to make their work fast and simple.

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