Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Tips to get rid of slow Mac

A common problem with Mac is that over a period of time, it begins to take a long time to boot up. It's a vicious cycle. You buy a new Mac and use it until it gets too slow to use, then you go out and buy a new one. In below post, you will know why your Mac is running slow and what you can do to rectify the situation. Let’s start by looking at the usual reasons why a Mac may become sluggish over time.

There are many reasons of sluggish performance of Mac e.g hardware incompatibility, network problems and more , read below:-
1. Hardware incompatibility - When Mac OS does not fully support hardware in system, it becomes the reason of slow Mac performance.
2. Unused application - You should check how many unused applications installed in your hard drive. Running too many applications simultaneously will cause slow Mac performance because there isn't enough available RAM for it.

3. System Preferences - Tools like Bluetooth, Universal Access, Internet Sharing, and Speech Recognition are very seldom used, but they usually run all the time and eat up valuable RAM in the process.

4. Outdated Software - Your Mac could also be running slow because of outdated software. These applications usually take up too much space and need to be regularly upgraded in order to maintain your Mac speed.

5. Unused Languages and duplicate files – There might be lot of caches, duplicate files, widgets ,binaries, language files present in your Mac and become main cause of slowing down Mac.

Now, you have to think , why your Mac is getting slower with the passage of time. But, you can improve the performance of your Mac by following some tips.
Stellar SpeedUp Mac is one of the best Mac optimization tool. It has a quick scan feature that locates all unused files and applications, binaries, language packs, and caches. 

Stellar SpeedUp Mac

After completing a thorough scan, you can remove all these computer junks from your Mac by simply clicking on a single button. Your Mac will be up and running at full speed once again. This software has lot of exciting Mac cleanup features -

SpeedUp Now -You can remove all unwanted Caches, System Junks, Universal Binaries, Trashes, Leftovers, Duplicate Files, Language Files, Logs, etc. from your Mac easily.

Clean My Mac – You can clean any selected Mac volume by using this option.

Uninstaller – You can uninstall all unused applications, widgets, plugins from your Mac.

Millions of perfectly good computers are replaced every year just because slow performance of Mac. Mac users can keep Mac performance in tip top shape by following above discussed processes.

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