Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Mac Partitioning Software

Partitioning in Mac separates the storage space in hard drive. If you want to keep both applications and data in your Mac drive then you should  make separate partitions for them. It improves the data access rate of Mac OS. It also helps to automatically minimize the number of operations to be performed and acts as a space management technique. If you are facing problem in partitioning mac volume just check 'Stellar partition manager' software.

There are inbuilt feature in mac which helps to create partition in mac called Disk utility. Splitting the hard disk helps in separating the file based on different categories. We can organize data in a reasonable manner and thus helps user in easily dealing with them. We can follow another advance way to perform this task by using software ' Stellar partition manager'.

Stellar partition manager is the module of Drive Toolbox , which is a pack of 12 utilities. It has the capability to delete, resize, create new partition in mac. It is an efficient partition management tool that is exclusively designed for Mac OS X. If there is available and unused free space in any drive, it can be utilized for resizing or creating a new volume.
Mac Partitioning Software
Features of Stellar partition manager :-
  • You can change the size of partition according to your data
  • With this tool you can partition your disk even without formatting
  • You can hide and Reveals any Mac partition- which helps you preventing confidential data against unauthrosied access.
  • You can create Bootable DVD to manage the boot volume
  • Rollback option - you can select a volume for deletion, but decided not to proceed, you can rollback the selection.
The tool is compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 and upper version. Now it's easy for mac user to adjust volume size according the data usage.

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