Thursday, 5 September 2013

Which is better for managing Mac partition- Disk Utility or Third party tool?

Disk Utility is an all in one utility of Mac OS X, which allows you to resolve all disk related issues. Mac users can perform formatting, partitioning, repairing and some maintenance on disks including SSDs, flash drives, and disk images etc. With the passage of time, various installations, un-installations, upgrades can change the permissions of various files. Disk utility helps you to repair the permission of certain files. To do this, click on a disk and then select the “First Aid” tab, from here you can choose “Verify Disk Permissions”. If permissions problems are found, you must select “Repair Disk Permissions”.

How to resize Mac partition with Disk Utility:-

If your Mac partitions are encrypted or non journalled then you cannot resize them. You can turn it on by selecting a particular partition and enable journaling icon in the toolbar. Open the Disk Utility Applications/Utilities folder, select the drive and click to partition tab, Disk Utility will do a Verify Disk on the partition being resized.

But, the interface of Disk Utility is not user friendly so, there are many third party tools which offer more easy-to-use interface to resolve Mac disk related issues.

Reliable tool to partition your Mac drive- Stellar Partition Manager

Many Mac users do not even partition their Mac hard drive and they keep their data along with the system files.
Do you know why it is not safe?

If your Mac is unable to boot due to some reason then you may need to reinstall your Mac OS X and you will lose all your important data. On other hand, if your Mac OS X has several partitions, any issue with boot volume does not affect your data at all. Stellar Partition Manager can easily resolve partitioning related issues like creation of a new one, formatting, deletion, resizing hide/reveal a partition. No matter, on which version of Mac OS X you are working.

Add a Volume;-
Using this application you can easily create a new volume by using available free space. When you run Stellar Partition Manager and click to the next button on its home screen, in left panel just select the hard drive on which you want to create new partition and click Add button in the toolbar. specify a name, move the slider to set a size, and click OK button, After that, click Start button in the toolbar, a warning message pops up. Click continue and you will see the new volume in the left side and it would be formatted as Mac OS X Extended by default.

Format a Parition:-
Run this application, select the hard drive containing the volume to be formatted, on the left. Now, select this volume in the middle pane and click Format button. Now, click Start button, and then click Continue button on the message that pops up , After this task is finished, you can see this partition as empty.

Delete Partition:-

Select the volume which you want to delete and click to the delete button on toolbar. This process will help you to delete selected volume from your Mac hard drive.

Hide/Reveal partition:-

Stellar Partitioning software has an awesome feature in which you can hide selected volume for security purpose. This feature is not present in Disk Utility. Hidden partition can only be revealed by this tool.

Resize Mac partition:-
When you resize Mac volume by using Stellar Partition tool, it keeps all free spaces together (shift free space) so that you could make new volume but, this facility is not present in Disk Utility.
If you do resize on Mac volume with Disk Utility, free space will remain between two partition. So, Stellar Partition Manager is quite far better than Disk Utility.

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