Thursday, 30 May 2013

Ways to keep my Mac secure

Are you facing booting problem with your Mac? Are you not able to access any particular application or file?

If you are facing any of the these problems, it could be due to virus infection. Viruses are malicious programs, which affect Mac systems and may be responsible for the damage of operating system, system files, data files, and even applications.

Mac computers are immune to malware threats. Mac has an in-built feature to stay unaffected against viruses, spyware and Trojan threats. A number of users have strong belief that their system and data are completely safe just because they're using Mac OS X. However, this belief is not true. Mac systems are also prone to virus infection which may also lead to data loss. 

Ways to keep your Mac secure:- 

Mac users can secure their Mac by regularly scanning your system using an updated and powerful anti-virus utility. Such utilities are able to detect the viruses from your system and remove them easily. Another alternative is to create backup of your precious data on regular basis. 

1. Always browse safely and do not download anything from untrusted sites. Make sure your email is secure because unknown email with attachment can be a virus.

2. Keep an eye on Apple updates. Make sure you update your software whenever the "Software Update" window pops up to keep your Mac computer secure. As a Mac user, antivirus software might be a good solution to keep your Mac safe.

3.You should disable automatic login in your system so that any third person can not access your data.

Go to:- System Preferences > Users & Groups > Click to lock to make changes > Select login options > Set automatic login off.

From the Automatic Login drop down menu, select Off.

4. Apple has an inbuilt feature called File Vault , which protects your Mac from some illegal activities . It encrypts your home folder each time when you logout and decrypts it when you login. You have to set master password before starting File Vault.

To set the master password go to:-
System Preferences > Security & Privacy > FileVault > Turn on filevault >Set Master Password.
Encryption – “Encryption means to change your data into unreadable form”. It is a great method to protect files. 

5. You can use third party tools to encrypt the contents of Mac hard drive to protect your data. There are a number of encryption software available in market. I have used Stellar Drive Tool Box. This software has 13 utilities and Data encryption is one of them. It allows Mac user to encrypt data into unreadable form so that other user can not access them. You can you select any file or folder from your Mac and encrypt them to an unreadable format. 


  • It helps to encrypt selected files and folders with password.
  • You can hide encrypted files easily find all hidden encrypted files.
  • Encrypted files can’t be opened by any decryption utility.
This file encryption software for Mac provides you the facility to choose encryption algorithm from the provided list and encrypt files according to selected algorithm. This Mac Data Encryption software gives you relaxing experience when you use it to protect your data, as it is completely safe and easy to use. 

Suggested Antivirus:-

1.BitDefender:- Bit Defender is powerful, flexible and easy to use. It's capable to protect your Mac OS X from all forms of malicious software threats. It has many features, one of them is integrated scheduler, which allows you to run scans at specific times and provides flexibility.

2.Symantec Norton:- Norton Antivirus for Mac is one of the best protection software. Its features are easy to use and protect your Mac from vulnerabilities. One of its impressive features is the dashboard widget where you can see a list of the newest detected security threats. So it helps you gain knowledge about new threats.

3.iAntiVirus:- It can protect your Mac against virus infection and block them without any wrong system impact.
With one of these antivirus programs, you can protect your Mac from both new and traditional threats and data loss.

BackUp Software:- Keeping backup is very good idea to protect your precious data. If you face any data loss situation, then backup is the best alternative to get those data back. Mac has some inbuilt utilities to create backup. This can be done via Time Machine. If a user doesn't find it cool, he can opt for the other backup tools like Drive Clone utility of Stellar Drive ToolBox, Super duper etc.. Stellar Drive ToolBox is the complete pack of 12 utilities

Features of Drive Clone:-

Cloning:- You can create exact copy of your Mac hard drive or any selected volume and keep them in other places.

Imaging:- By this option you can make an image of any selected volume and restore back from image as it's original state.

Tools- You can create a Boot DVD of the software to clone the Boot volume of your Mac.

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