Saturday, 29 June 2013

Safeguard Precious Data by Keeping a Clone of Mac Hard Drive

Has your Mac hard drive crashed and all your important on-going works have been stopped?
You could have easily avoided such a situation, if you have created and kept a clone of your Mac hard drive.
In day to day operations, your hard drive works continuously to give the require output. As the primary data storage media of your Mac notebook or desktop computer, hard drive stores all the processed data first. Even though many users are taking back-up of their important data these days, they usually use external hard drive for backup purpose.
Users have been more educated with respect to the maintenance needs of their Macs and are keeping data recovery software with them. Thus, if at any point of computer usage, users encounter instances of file deletion, accidental media formatting, file system corruption, OS malfunction or virus infection, they use data recovery software to get back the lost data. These are the logical data loss situations, in which data recovery software are able to retrieve the lost or inaccessible data back from the troubled Mac media.
Data inaccessibility due to physical damage to the Mac hard drive is a far more critical instance of data loss than that of any logical one. Hard drive of your Mac incorporates many electro-mechanical components in it, including the read/write head, spindle motor, magnetic platter, printed circuit board (PCB) etc. All these components contribute towards the smooth functioning of the drive. Thus failure of any of the components results in hard drive crash and complete data inaccessibility.
There can be a number of reasons, which can trigger the failure of your Mac hard drive, such as mechanical components failure, electrical short-circuit, firmware corruption, heavy magnetic flow, any liquid going inside the drive, natural disasters (flood, earthquake, fire, storm etc.) etc.
In case of physical damage to the hard drive, there is nothing lies in the hands of the user. Any experimentation only leads to further damage to the hard drive causing permanent loss of precious data. In case of physical damage to the Mac hard drive, the recovery is out of the scope of any data recovery software and you have to take the help of a professional data recovery service provider.
However, data recovery service can not guaranty the recovery of 100% recovery and depending upon the magnitude of data loss, you may lose some data to it. Moreover, during the data recovery process, you have to sit idle and all your important on-going work hampers. All these problems can be avoided, once you keep a clone of your Mac hard drive.
The cloned drive can be used as an replacement of your original Mac drive and you do not need to stop the important work for recovery. These days, there are many Mac cloning utilities available in the market, using which you can easily clone your hard drive, volume or any selected region of the drive. The process of cloning Mac hdd is pretty simple and moreover, you are safe-guarding your precious data with it.

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